dinsdag 13 april 2010


Every now and then I get a bit down. Our house is unfinished (still after our move almost 6 years ago), untidy and in desperate need of a spring cleaning. But it seems like there's always something more important, more urgent or even more fun... Well, there's no fun in living without fun, isn't there?  

But if one looks closely, from the right angle, from the right view, there's beauty in everything, even in filth and dirt.

There's beauty in a very tiny feather trapped in a spiders web on the wall.

There's beauty in the colourfullness of rust, even though it means that we need a new BBQ this summer.

There's even beauty in the laundry, which needs to be ironed and folded.

Even the dusty cobweb on the wall can contain enchanting beauty.

Or the abstractness of a greasy smear on the wall.

Or the roughness of wood which needs dusting and painting.

Even a hole in the paint can be so beautifull on itselve, that fixing it would almost be a shame for the work of art it is.

Yes, this is my home and this was my homework for my self-learning-photography-course before the real course which I'll do this autumn. I may postpone spring-cleaning a bit longer to enjoy the unexpected beauty in my home... Or I write my next blog about the relieving effect of a clean and tidy house on one's psyche...


4 opmerkingen:

Coby zei

Hello I have an award for you on my blog, I hope he gets a nice spot.

Greetings Coby

Pandora zei

Hi Marit. Love the new blog. I really like the texture and composition of your photos. Pan x

My Realitty zei

I so agree! You have a wonderful eye! Cheers CM

Norma zei

Your photos are fabulous! Good luck with your new blog, it will be a pleasure to follow I am sure :)