donderdag 8 april 2010

New blog

I started a blog to make an overview of my life, my interests and inspirations. One of my main interests is dollshouses and miniatures. I was amazed by the many dollshouse-lovers in blog-world, so many blogs to inspire me. And other dollshouse-lovers found me. And soon my Black Cat Cottage blog became a blog mostly about miniatures.

But my life is more than that, so I decided to split up. Black Cat Cottage will be about my miniature life, White Cat Cottage about my life in real scale. Here I will post my thoughts, my photo's, home & garden, etc.

The story about the white & the black cat:
One day, about ten years ago, I opened my front door to find a dirty, hungry, old, sick cat there. We took her in, tried to find her owners, but it soon became clear that no-one was looking for her. It was just before the summerholidays and she was probably thrown out of a car in our rural environment, like garbage. I always wanted to have cats, like we had when I was a child, but it wasn't a very good moment. We were quite poor, and very busy to improve that. But how could we let her go? She was a wonderful little creature, so intelligent, so able to communicate with us. So she stayed. I dreamed of buying a house one day and calling it White Cat Cottage, but it never came that far. Her poor condition had induced an genetic illness, a time bomb that would come out when she was not strong. She died just a half year later...

Two years later the time was right and we went to the asylum to get two cats, a couple who could not do without eachother. Sadly one of them has been run over by a car a few years later. We took a kitten to keep the other company, but the older cat did not like that much, even though the kitten was so sweet towards him. But also the kitten got a too close view on a car. So now there's only Misha, our black cat for 8 year now, becoming an old grumpy woman (acts more like a man, so we call her a he) with more and more grey hairs beneath her nose and in her fur. He used to be an outdoor cat, but now he likes to stay inside, playing with balls instead of mice, and sleeping a lot, very decorative on his cushion in the window seat, making our house a Black Cat Cottage. He can be very fun company, always in for a chat, but sometimes he can be a nagging witch, but I love him to bits! It's funny how different charcters cats can have!

Anyway, I'll start this blog and after a few messages, I will write about it on my other blog, so the miniature people can decide if they like to hear about my other part of life as well. And if nobody is interested in reading this, so be it. It won't keep me from writing, I think ;).


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Pandora zei

Great idea Marit. My miniatures blog also became overcrowded so I split it up - it is good to have different blogs. Pan x