zondag 16 mei 2010


The institution for the protection of birds in the Netherlands has a website with webcams in birdsnests, see here. I love to watch, see what's going on in the nests. There are a little owl (=steenuil in Dutch), a stock dove (=holenduif, actually this one is nesting in a nesthouse ment for a kestrel=torenvalk), an eagle owl (=oehoe), a great tit (=koolmees), a white stork (=ooievaar), a swallow (=boerenzwaluw), a barn owl (=kerkuil) and a nuthatch (=boomklever). The great tit, white stork and nuthatch have chicks. But is has been a very cold and wet spring and the chicks suffer from that. The great tit has 3 chicks left of the 7 they started with (yes, you can see one of the dead, the female didn't succeed in getting it out of the nesting box). The white stork lost 2 of the 4 chicks. Hopefully now the weather is getting better, they remaining chicks will survive.
'My' birds are doing better, maybe because I still feed my birds. I don't know if baby-chicks can eat seeds and peanuts, but I'm sure it helps the parents to get a fast meal themselves. This week the first nest of 'my' sparrows have left the nest. I counted 6 of them, quite a successful number. They are so cute, with their short wings and tail, and yellow beak! Well, see for yourself:

The chicks who left the nest surely can eat the birdfood I give them, but they must get it from their parents. They won't eat themselves yet.

"Mommy, I'm hungry! Mommy, come, feed me! Mommy, where are you? Why do you say I have enough food, I'm hungry! Mommy?"

"Oh, there you are, mommy! Hungry! Feed me! Mommy?"

Besides the sparrow-family, the other birds fight over the food as well, even though there's enough for everybody.

My husband always tells me: "When it itches, it will be scratched!"

Have a nice Sunday!

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Norma zei

Looks like your outdoor bird cafe is very popular!

Rachel zei

Such beautiful pitures

mijuu zei

You took beautiful pictures!

bluechipholidays zei

Cute little birdie! I enjoy watching them..

blue chip holidays