vrijdag 14 mei 2010

A walk in the park

Now my health is getting better, I am able to do something I couldn't do for a long time and love so much: walking. It's even more fun to combine it with another hobby: photography. So last weekend we went walking in the gardens and woods of an estate nearby. It's owned by a nature-institution, so no styled gardens, but much attention to make nature feel a home, meaning great biodiversity. It's funny how the noise of birds everywhere feels as peaceful silence!

I love making macro-photo's for the surrealistic beauty of the small world.

This little fellow surely survived the unusual harsh winter, some of the nutshells were fresh, not yet coloured by the elements:

Good for him, because our spring is late, wet and cold. Not much food to find yet. It's a difficult time for nature, especially for the birds with chickies. But I leave that subject for a next time.

Have a nice weekend!

2 opmerkingen:

Norma zei

Glad to know you are feeling better Marit. What a pleasure it must be to walk through this wonderful park after the long cold winter. And such beautiful photos :)

bluechipholidays zei

Work of a professional! I really enjoyed watching your photos. In comparable to mine during my pembrokeshire holiday.