zondag 11 juli 2010


Lately the wheather here has been very hot, and in the evening, when it get cooler, I don't want to go to bed. Great nights for another hobby of mine: attract moths with a special light and determine which one they are. You might think that moths are dull greyish and brownish creatures, but some of them might surprise you. So here some of the results of some recent nights:

The previous one is very big, the next one is very tiny. So tiny, that I thought it to be completely orange until I saw the photo I made.

I have a book to dertermine which one is visiting my garden.

My set-up:

Now I just showed you a few moths visiting my garden on two separate nights. None of the are rare (although I do get some rare ones in my garden, but not this nights). I left out the dull coloured ones. Can you imagine how many are flying out there? While there are just about 10 different kind of butterflies to be seen in my garden. It keeps amazing me! And it depends on the season which ones are flying. So these are here now, but in August I can show you some other beauties.

Do you know who are happy to accompany me on my moth-nights? Todd and Ted, the toads living in my garden, especially when I put a light on the terrace-floor, so I won't step onto moths, or them. Those lights make their meals literally fly into their mouths!

I hope you enjoyed me sharing this.

2 opmerkingen:

Gonda's miniature zei

Bedankt voor je berichtje.
Wat een prachtige foto's heb je gemaakt van de nachtvlinders, schitterend!
Nooit geweten dat ze zo erg mooi zijn, ik moet ook maar is rondneuzen.
En de foto's van de vogeltjes zijn ook erg mooi, groetjes Gonda.

bluechipholidays zei

This is nice! I've seen some of them in one of the holiday cottages in Devon. Thanks for sharing your collection..