zondag 15 augustus 2010

Holiday Wales

It has been a while since my holiday in Wales in June. To be honest: sometimes it feels like we haven't had a summer-holiday at all ... My husband and I are both very fond of taking photographs, as you may have noticed on this blog. Our equipment grows over the years, and this holiday the bag with camera's, lenses, etc was as big as one of our bags with clothes and stuff... :-o. And the amount of pictures we take also seems to grow each year, so it takes time to get through them, discard as many as we feel up to (still difficult throw away photo's which are perfect in light and sharpness, but just not interesting enough) and make a set to show family and friends, or to put on a electronic photo-frame. And I also wanted to show some of the photo's here, in a few posts to come (as I said, there are many, and choosing is so difficult).

First I want to start with an overview, to show you what we like so much about the UK for a holiday. First of all, it's great to take our old English sportscar (MG B GT from 1969) back to the roads it was designed for. It also always leads to spontaneous conversations with total strangers.

And speaking of roads, I mean like this one:

When there are no roads, there are numerous of public foothpaths and bridleways through the beautiful countryside.

If you enlarge the last photo, you see that there's a ruin beneath the trees. Those places intrigue me. What stood there? Who lived or worked there? In the remote parts of the country, there are many of these abandoned places, often easy accessible by a public foothpath like that, to take a look around and fantasise about its past.

And it's not only houses and barns, but also castle-ruins, set on the most strategic places, meaning a good view on the surroundings. This one in Manorbier is also known for its beautiful garden.

And again much to discover on foot here: there's a stunning walk alongside this coast: the Pembroke Coastal path. Our B&B was very near to this castle, also close to this path, so one evening I walked from the B&B to the top of the hill which you see on the right, to make a picture, only to find out that the castle wasn't clearly visible from its background, as it was already too dark. When I walked back, I encountered a bull on the path... I had past him on my way up on a spot where it was width enough, but now he stood on the narrow part above a steep cliff... Most stories about bulls are made up. Bulls are often very friendly, just not aware of how their weight and strenght can harm us, and not always very reliable in their mood when they feel trapped or annoyed, by for instance a walker coming closer and closer... It took a lot of time and patience, but in the end I could pass him safely.

My country is very crowded and very flat. There are no hills...
(this is taken from the summit of Snowdon, again you can walk to here, 3 differents paths, but we took the (steam)train :-) )

or falls...

In fact, I don't think there is a spot in the Netherlands where you don't hear cars. And we do have sandy beaches, but just not like this:

I also want to show you two old, but very different cities. First Chester with the medieval looks one would expect in the UK:

And then Tenby, which has the medieval features like city-walls and -gates, also many gorgeous Victorian houses, but also subtropic influences from the sea and a French feel about it, with all the light coloured houses and tropical plants:

I finish today with the cottage we rented: Bryn Awel near Llandrillo. It's the link with the ruins which I mentioned before. Some abandoned places are saved from becoming a ruin. They are transformed into holiday cottages, on unique remote places, with a great feel of history. But let me tell you more about this cottage in a next post.

Coming to the end of this post, I must admit that at the end of our holiday we both agreed: Wales is beautiful, but Scotland will always be our number one. Wales is too 'crowded' and too 'lovely' (how silly that may sound), not as empty and 'rough' as Scotland. But I guess that is a matter of taste.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!
Bye for now,

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bluechipholidays zei

Nicely done! I'm a fan. I really love your photos. I also got mine during my pembrokeshire holidays but they're not as good as yours. You are truly skillful!

Anoniem zei

Amazing photos! It's a beautiful view from Snowdon. It would be lovely to stay in one of the cottages in Snowdonia to explore around there. There would be some amazing opportunities for beautiful photography, with so many historic ruins, plus Wales's biggest natural lake and steepest railway track.