woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Photography course - lesson 1

This winter I take a course in photography at Dies Groot. I love photography so it will be great fun to learn some more about it, and do the exercises. A friend goes to the same course. She did an other course last year and I enjoyed the creative brainstorm sessions we had on her exercises. Also my husband wants to do the exercises. The course will be every 3 weeks until April next year, so this will be a fun winter. Although, I must admit, I'm still a little bit scared of sharing my photo's in group of people who will judge them, and tell me not only what I did right, but also what I did wrong. I know it's a major part of the learning process, it's not personal, etc, etc, but the perfectionist in me can't handle criticism very well.

Anyway, our homework of lesson 1 was to take a subject, make an overview photo, and then 5 interesting detail photo's, using our knowlegde on what makes a photo interesting (light/shadow, contrast, different angle, close-up, composition, etc). It's a assignment to look very well, not only seeing the subject, but to look for possibilities for a nice picture.
I had a holiday in the forest, and close to our cottage was an oak-tree in beautiful autumn colours. The overview picture was in fact the most difficult one: hard to see the tree though the forest and too much contrast!

But the colours of the leaves were awesome!

An other look on the tree (remind: the different angle):

There were habitants of the tree, willing to pose:

And also my husband was taking pictures:
I want to share more of the results of the exercises, and I still need to share pictures of our holiday to Wales in June (the holiday already has almost faded in my mind). I guess I need to blog a bit more often on this blog.

Have a colourful autumn!


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bluechipholidays zei

Good job! The photos are beautiful.. Hope to see beautiful things while staying in some holiday cottages..