maandag 9 mei 2011

A new pet?

When do you call an animal a pet? Could it be when you think he's cute and fluffy, the other pet -the cat- doesn't hunt for him and he's been eating your animal-food and living beneath your roof for more than half a year? In that case, let me introduce you to our new 'pet':

Yes, I do think rats are cute and fluffy. They have a bad name, as they can carry diseases and live in dirty places. But just look at him: he's like a squirrel who had a depilation on tail and ears!

As for my cat: Misha does take an interest in him, like he does in everything that moves, but I think the rat is just a bit too big for him. He's just a small cat and the rat is well-fed, so Misha is only 2-3 times bigger than the rat. When Misha was young and living his life out in the fields, he did bring a few freshly caught rats home. Now he's old, he gets special food for his joints and still spends his days on the pillow in the windowseat.

Last week, when I found a big hole in the garden leading to beneath our house, I was already suspicious that the rat would live beneath our floors. This weekend my husband went down there to check the state of the drainpipes and central heating pipes, as well as the state of the wood and beams down there, as he does every year.

Here he found the rats dining table (collection of green nets which used to contain birdfeed) and his toilet... (the SMELL, but not as bad as that year when he discovered that the drain pipe of our toilet got loose...) I guess the jackdaws aren't as guilty of stealing the birdfood in my garden as I thought they are.

The hole is sealed now, but I would be surprised if that was the rats only entrance. I hope that making the birdfood unavailable for him, will make him go away. As cute as he may be (to me), he still is a rat, and therefor an unwanted guest.

Hopefully not to be continued!

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Kim zei

I have to admit I find him a little cute too- but I agree- he should live somewhere else :) Hope he finds a new home!